Sunday, April 13, 2008

$2 Prawn Noodles

This stall has been a favorite of mine since my first job when I worked at Boon Siew building. I'd stop by for a bowl of prawn noodles ever so often for breakfast before heading into the office. I also introduced the stall to my mom and she use to patronise the stall when she retired. These days, she no longer able to enjoy the simple bowl of prawn noodles anymore and I chose not to buy her a packet.The other thing that I liked a lot was walking into the office with a coffee can. It wasn't chic and most office workers would have their coffee in a plastic bag or a styrofoam cup but I thought it was cool.Okay, I digressed. Here's the much talked about noodles and I was surprised to find others who like buying from this old man. He's just the sweetest guy and most people don't mind queuing and waiting for him to slowly prepare their noodles. This is my bowl of $2 prawn noodles with very generous amounts of fresh whole prawns, lean pork and fish cake. He's not rated but he has a number of people who love his cheap noodles.

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