Thursday, April 17, 2008

Collared Kings Moving In

I first noticed a pair of collared kings on the edge of my housing estate in January. My first sighting of a collared king far from the mangrove area was at pierce. The pair have since moved further into the estate and are now right outside my office window everyday. They are quite lovely to watch because of their iridescent blue backs and white chests.I'm not sure why they keep flying from the branch that they are perched on to the tree trunk and back. They do it several times and then they are gone. To reappear again to repeat the routine again. They've been doing that for the past two weeks. I am aware that collared kings nest in tree holes but these trees have no holes as you can see in the photo.The pair's other favorite perch is the neighbor's antenna that has been vacated by the bee eaters.

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