Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dragon Fly Mug Shot

I had this dragon fly decide that it'll see if it could make my garden home. Little did it know that it had to have its mug shot taken.As with all dragon flies, it could also make its disappearance very fast. The smudge on the right in the photo below is how fast it flew off.As with all my wild subjects, it settled back in for me to take more photos. I just leaned against the wall and clicked away. Below it was sitting in the wind as a storm was brewing over my place and I had to set the camera differently for this shot.


Elyani said...

Lovely pics...I still do not know how to capture a flying object like dragon fly, butterfly, birds. They are just too fast for my slow camera :(

Shirls said...

practice n patience. Cameras aren't slow or fast. It's showing the wild creature that you mean it no harm that takes lots of patience.