Tuesday, April 08, 2008

J. Co Donuts & Coffee

I was at raffles city this afternoon and I wondered into the basement on my way to the car park. My eye caught a new donut joint and I made a detour to get some.
J. Co is the most recent entrant in the donut scene and the company started out in Indonesia and has gone regional by franchising. In Singapore, j co is franchised by BreadTalk. My six cost me $7 and I chose alcapone, coco loco, oreology, tira miss u , mochabella and one other.
I picked three out of the six for my taste test - alcapone, oreology and tira miss u . I liked alcapone and tira miss u but the donuts weren't as light and fluffy.


Elyani said...

I am not a big fan of J. Co. After one or two bites, I do not feel like to eat them again for a long long time, Maybe I just do not fancy donuts :)

Shirls said...

well i'm a chocolate fiend! However, J Co isn't the best n I definitely won't queue for it. It was an impluse buy as the long line was missing.