Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tekka Market & Hawker Center Closing for Renovations

Tekka is closing for renovations and we decided to head down for a last look at the market and hawker center before it closes. The old charm will definitely be gone once the renovations are completed. I especially like the sign that is on the outside of the market and hawker center. Read it yourself.
These are views of the market from the second floor, we went up as there was a heavy down pour and we were stuck in the market. These are scenes of a wet market all a buzz.This chicken stall is busy, look at all the chickens that are for sale. This is one of many very well stocked stalls in the market.The photo below is of the Chinese vegetable sellers. The guy still grinds coconut in the old way with a machine at the market. These days most of us would just go to the supermarket to buy coconut in the refrigerated section.

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