Friday, May 30, 2008

Green Tea Chiffon

I seem to be in a chiffon test bake mood - first the orange chiffon and now a matcha chiffon. This recipe definitely needs tweaking as it wasn't as light as I had expected it to be. This was how the cake looked when it finished the cooling down process hanging upside down. It was a tad too dry see how the cake cracked up and it wasn't tall and airy.I whipped up a batch of cream and dressed the cake just to try out frosting a chiffon cake. After covering the cake with whipped cream, I sprinkled matcha powder on it.Then I cut it up to try it. Taste wise it was full of green tea flavor and it smelt refreshing. It had a rather mellow green color, which was pleasing to the eye. As I believed that a cake with fresh cream on it should be eaten fresh, I distributed pieces of the cake to neighbors and a friend. I'll post the recipe once I get it correct.

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