Saturday, May 31, 2008

Resident Tree Frogs Having A Go

This pair are in a semi-catatonic state as the female is releasing her eggs and the male fertilizing them. The eggs and sperm are released into the form in the background, that is the medium in which the eggs will stay till the tadpoles hatch out in about a day. Sometime they are laid above the water and the little tadpoles wriggle out of the form and drop into the water.I first allowed the four-lined tree frogs to breed in my garden to photograph, now I have a healthy population of tree frogs in my garden. I don't mind these frogs as they aren't too noisy unlike the common toad that my neighbors have. I suspect that the frogs are also food for baby monitor lizards. I found little one living in a PVC pipe near my fence.

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Shawn said...

Man, where do you live? If Monitors and tree frogs happen to visit your house, you should be living very close to the jungle... Are you? Anyway, I did find a juvenile Malayan Water Monitor in our school, Commonwealth Secondary. Its at West Coast.