Monday, May 26, 2008

Orange Experiment

I decided to try a new recipe this evening as I've not baked in some time. I tried my hand baking an orange chiffon cake, the recipe was more than my tin could hold, so I placed the remaining batter into a pound cake tin. The cakes turned out great but I may have taken them out a little too early as both cakes dropped out of their tins while they were hanging.
This cake slipped out and landed on the tray around the bottle that was holding the tin up to cool. The only damage to the cake was a portion that had broken off.
The one in the pound cake tin looked pretty good despite doing the plunge too. I turned it over and it was fine.Cut up the cake was fine but I do think it needs a little dressing up. Taste wise, it was great but a tad too sweet. I'll reduce the sugar the next time around.

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