Saturday, May 03, 2008

An Orange Flying Lemure

We found this little fella deep in the woods because of its distinct color. It just stood out among the tree trunks. Strangely, it knew we had spotted him and in a slow-mo it moved around the trunk to hide. So as not to startle it too much, I made sure I approached it slowly and only photographed it without my flash.
Not far from where we spotted the colugo, we found a snake too. I told my help not to approach it but to keep her distance as I didn't know what type of snake she spotted. After finishing photographing the colugo, I went over to where the snake was only to realise that it was dead. It looked like something had mangled its body.The dead snake was a Blue Malayan Coral Snake. The snake is a beautiful one, but also highly venomous - its venom is a neurotoxin and can cause death. It inhabits primary forest floors, but can also be found in mature secondary forest. Nocturnal in habits, it may sometimes be encountered stretched across forest trails in the early morning.

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