Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Butterfly Called Sunbeam

I chanced upon this little butterfly on Saturday on a path and I stooped to patiently wait for it to settle on the ground to photograph it. I shot this with my Canon zoom lens before switching to my macro lens. This is one time where I wished I had two camera bodies as it would have been great to be able to shoot with two lens.
When the butterfly settled back on the gravel again, it would not open its wings and I never got a good shot of this butterfly called the Malayan Sunbeam.I was thrilled to find this butterfly as it is said to be seasonal in some parts of the nature reserve. It is also a fast flyer and is extremely hard to spot on the gravel.
I suspect the reason why its called sunbeam is because it is literally invisible in the sunlight. If you don't watch it, you'd lose it completely.

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