Saturday, May 24, 2008

Orange Lacewings

This is another butterfly that I had seen once real close but did not have my camera with me. Today I spotted several feeding but they were some distance away. Since I only brought the macro lens, I photographed them just the same as I may not find them again. There were three of these Orange Lacewings feeding on the blooms and they never moved off the plant.I hope that I will come across them again in a better setting as they are gorgeous looking butterflies with their brilliant colors.


Anonymous said...

Hello there,
just thought i would leave a little
note to let you know how much i enjoyed reading about your "escapades" around town!
It's rather delightful that you could find so much "wild life" in this concrete jungle...

also all my best to you and your mum...

chris, a fellow singaporean gal

Shirls said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed reading my escapades. I took advise from a teacher to heart, she told us to live everyday as though you're going blind tomorrow. It really surprises me what I discover in our concrete jungle.

My mum is still holding on, on her own despite her declining health.