Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Fivebar Swordtail

I was heading home when I came upon a Common Bluebottle puddling in a drain as I photographed it.I noticed a new butterfly, which I had not seen before flying ahead in the drain. It was trying to settle in but kept being chased on by territorial dragonflies. I followed it till it found a spot it could land on. When I got there I couldn't see it as it blended into the surroundings and became invisible. It was only when it started to fly that I spotted it again. It then landed a short distance away and began to puddle.I was excited as the butterfly was a Fivebar Swordtail. It is a forest butterfly and is rarely seen in urban parks and gardens, preferring the sanctuary of the forested reserves. Males are frequently encountered puddling at moist spots. At times, more than one individual is seen, and also in the company of the Common Bluebottle and the Blue Jay.

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