Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Walking Twiggy

A stick insect dropped in and I was so excited as I've not seen one in ages. Initially, it looked like just another twig that the wind had blown in, till it started to move. Once I know what it was, I coaxed it onto a leaf, left it some where safe and grabbed my camera to photograph Twiggy. Twiggy was an excellent model, striking various poses for me. It will freeze in its position and hold it for a very long time. Sometimes, it will try to imitate a twig by holding it first pair of legs and feelers together in front of its head.
It was darn cool to watch Twiggy but being twig thin, it was a terribly difficult to photograph as the camera kept finding other larger objects to focus on.
I've read on the Internet that people keep them as pets but I am a firm believer that wild creatures are meant to live free. I walked Twiggy happily sitting on its leaf back to the forest and found a safe spot for it to hide.

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