Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another Good Chicken Rice Stall

Sin Kee is hidden away on the second floor of Margaret Drive Food Center but it doesn't need any advertisements as its chicken rice is that good. Even the stall is rather nondescript but the the photo of the owner with President Nathan.
Forget about choice at this stall as it only sells the boiled white chicken. Guess they know what their core competency is and continue to do it well. By the time I got to the stall in the evening there were no more than 5 whole chickens left hanging in the stall.
I usually order half a chicken to take away as we usually turn it into two meals. Leftovers are turned into macaroni soup the next day or chicken porridge.The chicken is bigger, plumper and juicier than what you would normally find at other chicken rice stalls and there is a nice layer of gelatin between the skin and the meat. The chicken skin was also very smooth.

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