Monday, June 30, 2008

A Beautiful Wild Snake

I peered into the drain of plenty this morning and it gifted me with yet another of Mother Nature's beautiful creation. Next to some dry twigs and leaves I spotted a snake sunning itself.I just can't describe the rush I feel each time I find something that few would notice. This snake was just stunning in the sunlight. The best part was it wasn't even afraid. I spent a good 15 minutes photographing it as it changed position without any prodding. I have the most fantastic series of photographs of this Blue-necked Keelback.It gently turned down and peered out through the dry leaves.It decided that it had enough attention for the day as it disappeared into its hole.The Blue-necked Keelback belongs to the group call Asian Keelbacks and should be considered venomous. It is known to rear-up and flatten its neck like a Cobra when threatened.


Elyani said...


I envy you for being able to be so close to the nature. I didn't know there's a beautiful orange color snake. Great shots as usual!

Shirls said...

I got lucky this time around. There's another equally pretty tree snake that I saw the twin barred tree snake which I never did get a chance to photograph.

Shawn said...

So this is the one that had died in the road accident?
I feel so sad for such a beautiful snake.