Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's Sinfully Chocolate Heaven

I didn't chase wild things on Saturday but stayed in the kitchen to bake a flourless chocolate cake out of the block of bitter sweet Valrhona chocolate that I had in my pantry. The cake looks like a plain uninteresting cake while it is still in the baking tin. However, this is probably the most sinfully rich chocolate cake ever and one of my favorites.
I dolled the cake up a little to make it look more appealing to the camera.Of course, we couldn't wait to dive in and eat the cake while it is still warm. It should be eaten slightly chilled but we couldn't wait. A slice came off the cake and on went a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream.Three spoons came out and we were digging into the cake. It was warm, gooey, moist and crunchy. I added a packet of ground almonds to the recipe but not enough to make it too dense. We made light work of the piece of cake.


Elyani said...

Hi Shirls,

That chocolate cake looks absolutely delicious (the Valrhona says it all). Wish I could scoop right off the screen! LOL...

Shirls said...

well the cake was all gone by the next day during the Sunday family lunch.