Friday, July 18, 2008

I Wanted Zhen Zhen Porridge

I drove all the way to Maxwell Road Hawker Center at 6.30 am on a Saturday morning because I wanted to have a bowl of Zhen Zhen porridge. To my disappointment I found Zhen Zhen was closed. I ended up heading to Guan Dong Noodles for wanton noodles. The last time I was at the food center, I tried their stew beef noodles. Although the stewed beef was tender and tasty I found it a little too much for me. I wanted a cleaner taste and I was also in search of a perfect bowl of wanton noodles.However, waiting to place my order I changed my mind and asked for chicken noodles instead. The lady ahead of me ordered two plates and they looked simple and light. The stewed shitake mushrooms was what made me change my mind.The dish doesn't look like much but the noodles were al dante like the previous time I ate here. The sauce from the stewed mushrooms was what made the plate of noodles so fantastic. I am glad I asked the lady for extra sauce to coat the noodles. The plate really hit the spot and I was ready for my walk about along Keong Siak Street.

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