Thursday, July 10, 2008

Uneventful Walks?

It isn't everyday that one gets to see new and exciting things in the nature reserve but then again even the smallest mundane thing can be interesting. If one looks, one does find interesting observations.
How about this? A Lynx Spider sucking the life force out of a red Darth Vader aka Plant Hopper, notice the how plump the thorax is on the spider.Another species of Plant Hopper.Some one said that green is the new black, mister brilliant green grasshopper certainly is green. It is breakfasting on cow grass flowers. Or this little green shrimp, a tiny Preying Mantis trying hard not to get noticed.Which came first man or insect? Here's Mother Nature's version of a Reggae insect dreadlocks and all. If you know the name of this insect let me know as I haven't got a clue.

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