Monday, July 21, 2008

White-Bellied Sea Eagles

I had the pleasure of watching a pair of White-bellied Sea Eagles when the pair came a calling. It was awesome to see these big majestic birds at a reasonable distance. The pair rested on a dead tree in the evening and fly away when I approached them with my camera at around 7 pm.
My next sighting of the pair was the following morning on the same tree just before the skies opened up. The larger of the two flew off almost immediately when I approached but the other allowed me to get right up under the tree to take a couple of photographs. I wonder if it was hunting as there was a troupe of monkeys near the trees and the apes were nervous with the presence of the two large birds. My photos are still a little grainy due to the limited distance I have on my lens.They didn't come back this evening as it rained all day. I hope to see them again tomorrow morning as I would love to photograph them under better weather conditions.

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