Sunday, July 20, 2008

Colugo Momma

I saw a group of people photographing something with their mobile phones and compact cameras. As I got closer, I saw a Colugo no more than 6 feet up a tree. The people did not know what it was so I gave an impromptu lesson on the Colugo.I decided to try photographing this Colugo with my macro lens. This was a nice shot of the Colugo as it raised itself off the tree trunk to look at me.What I didn't know was this Colugo was also carrying a baby with it. Till I went back a second time to show another friend I met the Colugo. I spotted mini Colugo peeking out of momma's body. This is my first sighting of mother and baby and it was terribly exciting.


Frank said...

This is an awesome blog posting!
thanks for the nice work!

Shirls said...

Hi Frank,

You're welcome.