Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Or Lam - Luang Prabang Style Stew

I wanted to try as many Laotian dishes as I could during my trip but I also didn't want to be too extreme given that food preparation standards aren't what I'm used to. On my first night in Luang Prabang, I decided to play it safe and stick with an eatery that was way too swanky for a country like Laos and there weren't any locals in it.However, the on board magazine of Bangkok Airways, I read it had some pretty good Laotian dishes. So my culinary adventure began. I ordered Or Lam chicken with a plate of steamed rice.My Luang Prabang style stew was loaded with everything yummy. It had eggplants, basil, wood ear mushrooms, beans and other greens along with pieces of chicken meat and pieces of sa khan (wood of a pepper plant).
I have to say that it was the tastiest and tummy warming stew I've had as I managed to finish the bowl of stew along with a full plate of rice.

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