Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trekking Through Muck For A Day

It rained the entire night before my full day elephant riding and trekking combination. This was the state of my shoes after a day of trekking. I got bitten by a leech too see the blood spot on the sock.
We traveled 15 km out of Luang Prabang to the bank of Nam Khan and crossed over by a long tailed boat to the elephant camp. Because of the rain, the ground was muddy but as we got closer to the camp the muddy ground became a slippery quagmire due to the elephants. As a result the full day trip involved a lot of trudging around in mud softened further by the elephants as we used the same route that the elephants do.The camp houses seven female elephants and a baby bull elephant. This elephant was my ride and she had a mind of her own, which made the ride interesting. After the ride we trudge for over an hour and a half from the camp to the Kamu village. Despite the poor trekking conditions and the weather I managed to photograph some butterflies in the midst of the light drizzle and super high humidity. Please look them up on my Flickr site.What I didn't like was this captive Crested Serpent Eagle in an area that was suppose to promote eco-tourism. Equally disconcerting were the gun shots fired by hunters who were out hunting. I found butterflies but saw no wildlife what so ever.We ended the trek at Tad Sae Waterfall where the other half of the elephant group was.

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