Sunday, October 19, 2008

Best Pho in Southern Laos

I once again navigated with my guide book and found this pho stall next to a hotel in Pakse. It was so good that I ended up going to this place twice in two days.
The stall Lan Kham Pho sells Vietnamese beef pho and only operates from 7 am to 2 pm. During that time period, they sell hundreds of bowls of pho as they had several large pots of broth brewing when I sat down for breakfast. While I was there I watch people pull up on motor bikes to order takeaways before zipping off to work.I used an English menu and pointed to what I wanted as the girls at the stall spoke no English.This was my breakfast, a small serving of beef pho, notice the amount of herbs and vegetables that come with my bowl of pho. The beef was sliced thinly and still rare when the bowl of pho arrived at my table. It was a great bowl that hit the spot and I followed it with a glass of thick Laos coffee with condensed milk.

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