Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hmong Village In Xieng Khuang Area

I found the walks through the villages in Laos interesting and this one proves to be as interesting as those that I visited in the Luang Prabang area. This Hmong village is rather large and I found lots of interesting subjects. The Laotians are proud that they practice organic farming and the villagers of this Hmong community are just the same. They keep black pigs, which are an old breed of pigs that take a longer time to mature.They also practice recycling even with organic materials. An old bamboo basket becomes a roost for free range chicken to lay eggs. The owner has to just go to the basket and collect the eggs.Legacy of the Secret War, the Hmong have also found alternative use for the bomb shells. They grow spring onions in the bomb shells or use them as stands for their grain store or as fence material.Each wealthy Hmong also owns a prized fighting bull, which they fight during the Hmong New Year. This bull is now in training and confined in a small pen.He's just a beautiful animal and seemed too docile to fight.

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