Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Living With A Small Carbon Footprint For A Day

I took a boat trip up the Mekong River to Kamu Lodge, an eco-friendly resort. The boat trip took four hours with a stop at Pak Ou Caves to see hundreds of abandoned Buddha images. I had a guide who was rather inexperienced and I was asked to explore the caves on my own. I climbed into the smaller cave and I was through in 15 minutes. He then says there's another cave further up and told me to make my own way up to the main cave. I didn't realize that I paid him to sit in the boat and direct me. To cut a long story short, I got side tracked by the fauna around me and never made it into the cave. Besides, no KIP on me to rent a torchlight, my money was in the boat with the guide, someone omitted to tell me I needed moola to rent a torch.
We then proceeded by boat to the lodge, and arrived at around noon. I alighted on a crumbling sandy bank courtesy of the recent flood. However, I liked the concept of the place and the way the resort was set-up.
This was my abode for a night, an individual tent set under a thatched roof.
In the tent were two beds and a small attached bathroom. What electricity that was needed by each tent was solar generated. There was a lamp outside the tent, another in the bathroom and hot water heater that was all the electrical appliance within the tent area.It didn't take me very long to realize that I can't do this everyday as I was too reliant too many electronic gadgets.

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