Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Butterflies at Khoung Si Falls

I made this trek on my own as my guide was doing the Merlion (throwing up) and too green to climb. It was an easy trek and I was able to navigate my way to the falls. The huge bonus of going alone was I managed to take time to look for butterflies and I was very pleased with what I found.
It started with the Common Imperial sitting on the yellow cover of trash container. I know it is from the Lycaenidae family, which is the second-largest family of butterflies.
Then there is this butterfly with under wing pattern that resembles batik. I'm told it's not a Lascar but one of the Jesters from the genus Symbrenthia.Last but not the least, the tiny Common Pierrot which is the smallest of the three butterflies I found.It was a fantastic afternoon as I found and photographed three new butterflies.


Commander said...

Shirl, the first one is a Common Imperial (Cheritra freja friggia). The 2nd one is not a Lascar. It's upperside looks familiar but no it's not. It's one of the Jesters. Genus Symbrenthia.

Shirls said...

Thanks SK!