Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Nawabs

I have been looking for the Plain Nawab in Singapore only to find them on a riverbank in Laos. I was of course thrilled as the Nawabs are capable of rapid and swift flight. I found them puddling in a patch of animal dropping but they flew off the minute I tried getting close or moved to get into a better position. The pair didn't show up again and I had to vacate the area for some 15 mins before looping back to see if the butterflies returned.
To my surprise, I found this pair of beautiful butterflies in the place of the the Plain Nawabs that I had photographed earlier. They were simply gorgeous and I've never seen them before. The discovery excited me and I spent a long time photographing these butterflies. I left them alone and headed back to my tent to cool off. When I went back again later these butterflies were joined by the Plain Nawab and an Autum Leaf.Upon return home to Singapore, I researched to find out what these butterflies were the Jewelled Nawabs. I also found out that they are highly prized as framed butterfly collections. I'd rather see them alive than dead.


Anonymous said...

Individual Plain Nawabs were spotted in Alexandra Hospital, Kent Ridge Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park.

But, you probably need to wait around noon for them to descend from the tree tops.

Shirls said...

Hi, thanks for the tip.