Friday, October 10, 2008

Rue Hengboun

This is where I found great food. Do try to spend some in this area during lunch time as I found that there are more stalls.
This noodle stall was packed at lunch time and the two ladies running the stall was turning up bowl after bowl of pork noodle soup. It's wanton noodles but instead of egg noodles, the Laotian version uses rice noodles (pho). I went back in the evening hoping to try a bowl of the noodles only to find it closed.Papaya salad is popular with the Laotian too as it is in Thailand. After photographing this lady preparing an order of salad for a customer. She offered me a small helping it was extremely spicy, like the Thais the Laotians love spicy food.This is the kind of coffee that I prefer. It strong and fragrant unlike what is served at Starbucks. Coffee is prepared in the old fashion way in aluminum containers over a charcoal stove.

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