Friday, October 24, 2008

White-Bellied Sea Eagles

The resident pair of White-bellied Sea Eagles are back and this afternoon I spotted them on their favorite tree when we sat down to lunch. I forgot my lunch and grabbed the camera and an umbrella to head out in the rain to get closer to the birds.
As these birds have very good eye sight, I was only able to manage to get within 40 meters of these birds. As I slowly moved closer the first bird took off while I quickly balanced my umbrella and I raised my camera to take this shot. You can see the rain drops in the photo below. As always it is awesome to watch these birds in flight with their wide wing spans.Note: Photograph these birds with natural light as using flash will hasten their flight away from you.


Monsoon said...

Nice blog - I enjoy browsing through it - nice photography, what camera and lens are you normally using. Are these local eagles? where can I find them?

Shirls said...

Thanks! I currently shoot with a canon 40D and own four different lens (macro, zoom n wide angle)depending on what I am shooting. The eagles are in Singapore but they do not stay in one location. You just have to be at the right place and at the right time.