Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Always Nice To Come Home To Food

I'm back to doing the hospital route again this week. My mom came down with pneumonia, five days after being discharged from the hospital. Her last stay was two weeks long when she underwent surgery to fix a bad fracture in her humerus bone on her left arm caused by brittle bones.
Yesterday afternoon I came home from the hospital to find that I had additional food in the house. The Indonesia domestic helpers are at it again, two of them passed mine a batch of Indonesian fried veg fritters called bakwang, tree ripened Jack fruit and a mung bean with jack fruit dessert. Unfortunately, I wasn't too keen on the fried stuff or the dessert but the fresh jack fruit was very much appreciated.
This afternoon, I spied the Blue-tailed Bee Eaters hanging around the TV antennas around my house. While in the kitchen grabbing a bite I spotted four unknown white birds flying around but unfortunately they didn't stop to allow me to have a better look at them. I thought they were bats but it was late afternoon and too early for bats. I may have to leave the camera in the kitchen to catch these birds.

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