Monday, November 17, 2008

Facinating Discovery II

Ever seen a snake that is as small as an earthworm? I was heading home when I spotted something wriggling in the water. Initial thought was some kind of worm but upon taking a closer look, I was discovered that it was a small snake. I gave it time to get itself out of the water and slither up on the mossy bank.I still can't contain my excitement and still throw camera settings out the door when I find stuff. So much for control, thought and discipline. Good thing I still was able to get my shot.This tiny fella is a Dwarf Reed Snake, one of the smallest Reed Snakes and like the Red-tailed Pipe Snake is iridescent in my camera flash.


Shawn said...

Yeah it should be small, but I think Brahminy Blind Snake should be even smaller. Have you seen them?

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn,

Nope, I've not seen a Brahminy Blind Snake. Like I was saying to a friend, you've got to be extremely lucky or live in the jungle to be able to see stuff all the time. That's what makes each n every discovery thrilling. Wait till you try diving, it's another totally different world.

Shawn said...

Well, if you live in urban areas, the most common snake that you will see is the Btahminy Blind Snake. They are so common that you can even find them in flower pots. Anyway, they are more common in urban areas, not forests.

And yes, I would also love to live near the forest. I do, in India. Almost everyday there I encounter Spectacled Cobras, Russel's Vipers, Green Pit Vipers, Keelbacks, Common Kraits and some kind of Rat Snakes.

I often see Sri Lankan Chameleons as well!!!

I also like diving, but I'm more interested in Rainforest or forest animals.

Shirls said...

Hmmm... may be I just don't know where to look for the Brahminy Blind Snake in my garden.

India is another place I'd like to visit with my camera for people, food n the tiger.

I love all creatures land and sea. If I had my way, I would have been a marine biologist. I greatest ambition was to be an animal trainer at San Diego Seaworld. However, my parents put the brakes on it big time. I just found other ways to pursue my passion. :-)

Shawn said...

For the Blind Snake, I think you can try lifting stones or rocks after rain.

And I actually go to India to visit my grandparents. I have not seen tigers but I have seen a cheetah from far.

Wildlife under water was something I liked a lot when I was a bit younger. But slowly my interest changed to forest species.

Shirls said...

I shall try to see if I can find the blind snake.

Well interests do change over time.