Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Facinating Discovery

Here's an interesting snake that you'd be hard pressed to find - a Red-tailed Pipe Snake. Yet here's a live specimen that was spotted in the undergrowth. The Red-tailed Pipe Snake is a small, nonvenomous black snake with reddish bands. The back is slightly iridescent, which means that it reflects different colors depending on how light bounces off.In this instance, I had a flash mounted and it brought the brilliant blue in the snake. This little snake has a unique trick up its sleeve when threatened it will flatten out its body and raise its tail, moving it much as a cobra would wave its flattened neck and head. It was a very good mimic of a cobra.


Shawn said...

Cool Snake that is. Where did you find it? I saw the pictures before in your Flickr.

Shirls said...


It was a lucky find the road-side. I take walks to stay healthy and as part of my routine, I carry my camera with me for these kinds of chanced encounters.