Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Penang Photos

I took this shot at night of the Bayan Lepas area with the Malaysia Peninsula lights way in the background from my hotel room at the Equatorial Hotel.This is the view from the hotel room balcony during the day.These old buildings are in the old Chinatown district of Penang. I took this photo while we were driving through the area.Celestial dragon in the Kok Lok Si Temple.This stall is on the five-foot path and has no water supply. Everything including water is trucked in before the stall opens for business. The stall's Penang laksa is drool worthy judging from the bowls of laksa this man dished out at break neck speed to satisfy the tables of hungry people. Pity I didn't have time to sample it.


KJJ said...

dragons! eh, don't forget the new sideline i told u about... heehehe

Shirls said...

You going to have to get B to recommend us to his friends who are in need of dragons. We can drive up to Penang for food n get the dragrons blessed all as cost of goods sold.