Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seeing My First Barn Owl & Its Sad End

I was out yesterday evening with the camera looking for some of my wild neighbors to photograph. On my way home, I chanced upon a Barn Owl. I would like to say I dove into the tall grass but knowing that the area is also home to several venomous snakes, I carefully waded through the tall grass to get a better look at the bird. What can I say I have a fascination with all wild things and have been know to risk life, limb and camera equipment for a close encounter.Owls use to be common in the area where I live as a kid I use to hear them calling at night. These days you have to work very hard to find one. Hence, it was a treat for me to have this encounter.
I went out to see if I could find the bird again this morning, only to find it dead. I'm not sure if the bird was mangled pre or post-mortem but it was sad to see it dead by NParks' warning signs. Wonder if old beliefs or superstitions were the cause of this bird's demise.

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