Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Day Half Tail Came A Calling

It wasn't a bird, it wasn't an intruder but a macaque that came a calling on a wet, wet, wet Sunday. I spotted a solitary monkey shimming across the power cables just outside my bedroom and when I went to check things out, I recognized the macaque as Half Tail.
By the time I grabbed my camera out of the dry box, he was safely across. I took the above shot and then the next before he spotted me and disappeared down the other side of the roof.
Half Tail is a alpha male that leads a group of macaques in the nature reserve. He and his group are usually seen on the edge of the reserve but they never seem to venture out of the forest. Thus it was a surprise to see him out on his own climbing roofs without his entourage. I wonder if he has been displaced as the alpha male.

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