Thursday, December 18, 2008

上海人家 (Shanghai Ren Jia)

This was a random drive along Upper Thomson Road in search of food for lunch, and I found this delightful outlet ran by three mainland Chinese. The eatery is called 上海人家 (Shanghai Ren Jia) since they served xiao long bao, I had to go in to sample their xiao long bao.
The menu is small to maintain freshness and quality explained the owner who was very obliging. I ended up ordering xiao long bao and shen jian bao a nice dim sum lunch.Well folks this little family-style restaurant serves up good poas. Their xiao long paos are made daily and the minced pork is minced by the owner to ensure quality. I must say that their xiao long pao does have about a spoonful of soup in it and one of the best xiao long paos I've had.My shen jian bao order took sometime to arrive even though the eatery was rather empty since it was nearly after lunch service already. However, the wait was worth it as the little bouncy paos were delicious.If you do happen to pass Upper Thomson Road and have a growling tummy stop by Shanghai Ren Jia, 906B Upper Thomson Road, you won't be disappointed. They are next to Han's which has a big “Open 24hrs” banner on the outside.

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