Sunday, December 07, 2008

This Is What Keeps Me Interested

I wondered around the edge of the nature reserve this afternoon and it felt good to be out in the sun. The camera was slung on my shoulder and ready for action. I had one and a half hours to find my subjects before I had to head in to start prepping and cooking dinner.
Towards the end of my time window, I chanced upon this tiny butterfly sitting a leaf. I spotted me a new butterfly that I've not seen before. Self discovery is what keeps me interested and coming back for more.
May be it was blinded by my flash but this butterfly didn't move. The butterfly I found is the Logania Marmorata Damis and is found along fringes of the nature reserve in shaded localities. I didn't know that till I researched and identified the butterfly.When it did fly off, I couldn't get close enough again to frame my photo. Sigh..... But I spotted a Yamfly to photograph before I headed home.


Shawn said...

what do you mean by 'frame my photo'?

Shirls said...

composing a shot or composition.