Monday, December 08, 2008

This Butterfly Brightened Up My Day

I saw a bright yellow insect fly by me and settle on a leaf, on a hot humid afternoon. By the color of the wings I knew it could be the elusive and solitary Yamfly. I've photographed this butterfly previously and knew that it was one that would come back to its favorite spot if you just patiently waited.
I wanted to photograph this butterfly again as I wanted to see if I could get better photos with my improved photography skills.
After waiting for it to settle down and feel comfortable with having me around, I managed to get it to sit in various positions for me to photograph.However, this Yamfly wouldn't open its wings fully for me. I couldn't go out looking for it today as it rained and rained all day today.


Anonymous said...

Interesting encounter with the elegant Yamfly.

Aint your pictures over processed? :)

Shirls said...
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Shirls said...

I did it for fun n thought why not use it in the blog, creative license. :-)