Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anger Management

I spotted the half-tailed macaque up on the raptors' favorite perch.It's the first time I've seen him on this dead tree so I stopped to observe him. He glanced down at me and then proceeded to furiously shake the bare branch.No, he wasn't threatening me at all but he was trying to break the branch off. He was trying to destroy the favorite White-Bellied Sea Eagles' perch.I've heard monkeys alarm cries before when the pair are around and have seen them circling over the monkeys. Recently, one of the two eagles was on the ground but it took off as it spotted me first. Again the monkeys panicked.
Could half-tail be venting his anger and trying to destroy the tree because it bares the scent of the eagles and other raptors that have perched there? He was back on the tree again the next day hastening the deterioration of the tree breaking off more branches.

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