Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home Improvements

Finally decided not to stand still and act to get some home improvements knocked off my list. It's been five years since moving into my home and the list of things that need fixing has grown. Figured 2009 is a good year to get cracking.Order new curtains for the bedroom and living room. Check. Leaky faucet pain-in-the-ass is finally fixed by moi with a cheap $3.60 solution. The plumber came and saw, and never got back with a quote. Check.
Paint parts of house - DIY. This needed a swift kick in the behind to get me moving. Since then I've discovered Home Fix's paint section. Started out with a can of Hammerite anti-rust paint for the gate. Not being very sure if the color was right for my gate I chose to buy a small can of hammered silver to test it. It worked out and I ended up buying two cans hammered silver and smooth silver. Gate and drain covers painted. Check.
Being more confident, brought me to the next job of painting exterior wall by the gate for aesthetics reason. Bought 1 litre of paint in the original paint code. Check.

Gosh! didn't realise that one liter of paint can cover so much area. Not wanting to waste the paint, an entire day was spent on painting. One can painted the entire front of the house (ground floor) and backyard wall with some left over. Check. Woohoo!!!
After CNY, the DIY project paint will continue. I'm on the move on the home improvement front and I'm going to see how much I can get done with the budget I have set.

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