Friday, January 30, 2009

How Lucky Can I Get?

I left the Oriental Whip Snake, alone for a while to let it move to a different position. As I stood about three meters away, I looked down at a clump of Dumb Cane plants and what do I see snake peeking out of the Dumb Cane plants. Woo HOO!!! Talk about being on a roll, two snakes within close proximity to each other.Initially, I thought it was another Oriental Whip Snake but a juvenile as its coloration was slightly different from the larger snake. I wasn't going to let this one go without first taking photos of it.
This snake, a Big-eyed Green Whip or Malayan Whip, was a lot shyer and my photos are of it trying to slink away in slow motion in the hope that I wouldn't notice it. It inched out of the plants and danced like a thin string in an Indian rope trick swaying gently left to right. It still blended with the background and it climbed to higher ground. Letting it go on its way without trying to obstruct it guaranteed me some great shots. Not long after it disappeared into the canopy above.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! It's sad but true most people still think of snakes as creepy and dangerous.The smaller whip looks like the Malayan Whip. Interesting how both species are so near each other

Shirls said...

I happen to find snakes facinating. Wish more could be done to educate people on snakes. Yes, this snake is the Malayan Whip. I forgot to mention it. :-) I thought so too but the oriental didn't move from its patch. While the Malayan disappeared into the high canopy.
Been looking for both snakes but they're no longer showing themselves.