Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tonight's Reunion Dinner

I cooked another reunion dinner for the family tonight and have been spending the past two days prepping for the reunion meal.
This time I kept the menu small and simple to avoid a hectic day in the kitchen. As a result I had time to photograph what I was preparing too.
Here are the ngoh hiang (pork rolls) topped with a homemade chili sauce.The all time family favorite tuna bergerdil. Prawn fritters done tempura style.Chicken soup with lots of different meatballs - fishballs, fuzhou meatballs, squid balls, button mushrooms, straw mushrooms and long cabbage.I had a spinach dish topped with stewed mushroom and abalone. This was my last dish and as I had reached my 6.30 pm deadline. I shelved the camera and rushed to make myself presentable to my guests.

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