Sunday, January 25, 2009

Market Mayhem

It seems like everyone congregated at the market today and it was sheer madness. Thank goodness I had done most of my Lunar New Year grocery shopping the week before but I still have to brave the crowds for one last important item for the New Year's Eve dinner - fishballs.
I decided to take my camera along and snap the scenes at the market. This is the queue that I was in waiting to buy fishballs.This is what we were all queueing up to buy. Fishballs are made from fish meat that has been minced into fish paste. A well made fishball is bouncy and chewy at the same time. This stall is probably the best stall in Ang Mo Kio and the brothers do roaring business.Finally, almost my turn but who cares as I was still busy snapping away.Five large fishball costs one dollar and most people were buying a lot as many will have steamboat for their reunion dinner. I'm using mine in a cabbage, chicken and abalone soup. I finally got my five dollars worth of fishball. Yeah!!!!

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