Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

The Singapore birding community is twittering away about several winter visitors that have landed in Singapore. I wanted to see these birds for myself too so I got pointers from a friend and off I went in search of the guys with the big lenses.
I found the guys and they were really nice to make space for me to also photograph the Blue-winged Pitta, a gorgeous iridescent blue winter visitor. As I've not seen the bird before, I very excited to see the little bird come out of the bushes and pose for its adoring audience.
Pretty soon I got into the swing of things as I had a simple set-up. At the end of thirty minutes, I shot over a hundred frames of this bird as it went in and out of the thick undergrowth filling its tummy with worms.All three of us shot with natural light only as too many flash guns going off will end up blinding the bird permanently. I got to see the Pitta but not the other winter visitors, guess the old proverb a bird in hand is worth two in the bush holds true. I had a one hour window but I left feeling satisfied as I got my photos.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, excellent pictures.. such vivid colours. I particularly love the one with the worm!

Shirls said...

Thank you! The bird was the one with the vivid colors. I just worked the camera. The one with the worm shot was a shot that only I got. I love the shot too.