Sunday, February 08, 2009


I have been chasing this diminutive kingfisher for over two years and I finally got close to the bird this weekend. Like the Blue-winged Pitta, the Common Kingfisher is a winter visitor and is usually seen alone as it has to eat about 60 percent of its body weight a day.
Yesterday morning while walking around with a friend with cameras in tow, we came upon the Common Kingfisher no more than 10 meters away. I quietly told my friend what to do and we slowly approached it to take photos.
It was one of those chance sightings that I always get an adrenalin rush from. However, the photographs on Saturday weren't so great and I went back this morning to stalk the tiny bird. I ended up following the bird up and down the lake, climbing through bushes to get my shots. This is the start of this morning's race around the lake.
I've just been spotted by the keen sighted bird.It takes off like a flash with my eyes trailing the tiny bird in flight. Not only have you to be fast in taking the photos, you also have to be keen sighted enough to follow the bird's flight, otherwise you won't be able to find it again.After several laps around the lake the diminutive Common Kingfisher finally settled down. It even fished successfully but I just wasn't fast enough in panning to catch it in action. The lens couldn't pick up the tiny bird, which was extremely fast.This was my parting shot, sort of tongue in cheek, a group of photographers were just across the lake note the size difference even in the distance.

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