Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Celebrity Bird

Imagine a tiny bird that stands at only 14 cm tall can send grown men and some women into a frenzy.The Black-backed Kingfisher or the Oriental Dwarf-kingfisher has been on the minds and mouths of many, and it has sparked a frenzy with hoards of photographers camped at one kingfisher's favorite spot.
The Black-backed Kingfisher is a species of kingfisher that is red and yellow with bluish-black back and absolutely gorgeous if you can spot it amongst the thick undergrowth at the waters edge.
I got bitten by the bug when I saw pictures of the little bird on a friend's Flickr site. When I caught a glimpse of the bird one morning, I was transformed into a Black-backed Kingfisher chaser too.
I was among some twelve photographers anxiously waiting for the bird to appear. Being a good spotter, I was the first to spot it sitting quietly on a branch but instead of quietly taking photos first, I stupidly alerted the rest of the photographers to the bird's presence. Next thing I knew I was piled under by the guys with the big guns. Damn!!! Pandemonium broke out and it was literally everyone for themselves as people pushed and shoved. I was shocked by the behavior and left quietly. Was I satisfied with my photos? Not really. Will I try again? Absolutely.
This is why the bird got its name, see the dark color on its back.During ten minutes the bird was around it had a bath and caught breakfast twice before it disappeared from sight. I can't blame it as people were firing away with their flashes.

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