Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Snake Is An Orange-Bellied Ringneck

Another rare encounter of the snake kind, a brisk morning walk around a different route due to time constrain yielded a small snake of no more than 30 cm. I've not been able to identify the snake as yet as I couldn't identify it from the reptile book. This little fella has since been identified as the Orange-Bellied Ringneck, a snake that grows to no more than 45 cm, and is found in South East Asia from Indonesia to Thailand.This little one was terribly afraid and anxious to get away. Thus, I concentrated on getting photographs that could help in it identification.


Anonymous said...

What a great find! Wow...this one is tough to tell, especially as a juvenile guess is indo-chinese rat? I'm stumped

Excellent pics nonetheless!

Shirls said...


Err.... rat snakes are racers so they are fast. This little fella is slow and non-agressive. Furthermore, its only defence was to hide and blend in with the background.

It has since been identified as an Orange-Bellied Ringneck.

Anonymous said...

Can it be found in S'pore?
Anyway where did you find it?

didn't log in yet, so I'm an anonymous.

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn,

I got help in identifying the snake so it wasn't made up. It can be found within the central nature reserve and Bt Timah nature reserve but hard to find. I chance upon it on a path within the central nature reserve.