Saturday, February 28, 2009

Secretive Birds No More

I went in search of the Short-tailed Babblers as they intrigued me. These little birds are around yet they often go unnoticed as most as either walking very heavily on the boardwalk or talking loudly.
I located a pair whispering very softly to each other secretively and settled down on the boardwalk to get myself acclimatized to a small patch of undergrowth where the birds were. This time the location was a lot better and I had several good windows from which to photograph the birds as they popped into sight peek-a-boo style.As I didn't disturb them, the pair weren't afraid as they went about their business not minding the inquisitive human sitting on the boardwalk peering at them. In fact, they were extremely entertaining as they moved about in the undergrowth communicating to each other in soft sweet chirps. I even managed to capture a shot of a successful hunt.
This is my favorite shot.

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