Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walking Quietly & Listening In A Forest

It has been terribly hot this week forced me to change my routine a little and that allowed me to explore a different area of the reserve. As there are usually few people around I could walk quietly and listen to the rhythm of the forest. Initially, I couldn't discern much of the rustling sounds around me but suddenly the forest comes alive.
I found these creatures in the undergrowth. A Clouded Monitor Lizard foraging.Birds called the Short-tailed Babblers that hardly make any sound in the undergrowth. They are sulky, secretive little birds of the deep dark forest, hiding in the undergrowth most of the time looking for worms, grubs or other insects.I spent over 20 minutes following this little bird around and I still couldn't get a clear shot of the bird.
Above me were the sounds of whooshing wings and the soft whistles of rather large birds. I found myself looking up at Hill Mynahs that were in the low canopy. These usually noisy large birds were flying around chirping quietly to each other in the low canopy but they weren't easy to photograph as they kept moving around. Below them in the bushes were Common Tailorbirds and Striped-tit Babblers hunting for insects and caterpillars.I liked it so much that I am going back to experience the charm of a quiet forest again.


Anonymous said...

I never knew a monitor could look that good in picture. great pic!

Shirls said...

Ha!Ha! I found its good side. My aim of photographing animals is to help give them character and a life of their own. That's the challenge I set myself. :-)