Friday, April 24, 2009

My Old Friend Is Back Fishing

I went back to the Singapore Botanic Gardens to see what I could find there. A quick turn around the lake, I spotted a familiar friend on its usual perch. I turned my back for a minute and he was gone. I raced to his other favorite perch only to realize that he had caught his breakfast. Darn! I missed the action shot. However, I got him with his fresh catch before a man scared him away.All of last year he caught only Carp. This year my friend seems to have downgraded his choice of fish to Tilapia. Sign of the economic downturn or a bird that is aging?
Storked-bill would have stayed and allowed me to photograph him swallowing his breakfast had it not been for a man who decided to start a conversation with me. He was so loud that he scared my friend away. I followed Storked-bill but the man followed me as well. How do you politely tell someone to get lost, I'm more interested in chasing the bird than answering your silly questions. Then all was lost as my friend disappeared to get out of the heat. I lasted a little longer before leaving myself.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous picture...colours are amazing!

Shirls said...

Thanks! I would have gotten more if not for the man wanting to strike up a conversation.